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Wee Replicators offers classes, courses and birthday parties designed to introduce children and young people to advanced technologies such as 3D printers and pairing these with creative approaches allowing young participants the freedom to experiment, explore and build confidence in their own ability and ideas.
The classes, course and parties are perfect for all young people no matter if they are naturally very arty or whether they are more technically minded.



We run a range of workshops and classes for all ages.

You can book a workshop or class for your community group, youth club or private party.

We cover 3D printing, YouTubing, Painting, Crafting etc.

Due to Covid-19 we are unable to run our classes but if you're interested in having a class in the future drop us an email and we'll get in touch when restrictions are lifted and it is safe to resume.

Confidence. Resilience. Passion. Curiosity.

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