Creative Digital Literacy

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Coding and general IT skills are being taught and valued across educational institutions which is great for future proofing the economy and ensuring that the next generations have the skills and knowledge to do the jobs which will be created as technology advances. However, while coding and IT skills are really great for giving kids the best chance at getting a good job in future, what really sets people apart is the ability to use these skills creatively. Creativity is something which cannot be taught to humans or robots- it must be nurtured. That is why we are launching the Creative Digital Literacy (CDL) initiative- to encourage kids to have interdisciplinary hobbies and develop their creative skills as well as their digital skills. We do this by offering a range of classes and workshops, some digitally focused, some creatively focused and lots that are a good mix of both. 

After completing a workshop, course or set of classes, participants will be awarded a badge and certificate to show that they learned/developed a new skill. They can collect these badges to progress through different levels. After completing each level they will be awarded a medal and prize which will encourage them to carry on developing their creative digital literacy. 

A chart detailing the award progression routes will be available to download in July 2019.