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A challenge designed to improve your mental wellbeing.

Joining the gym, taking part in races and doing sports challenges are just some of the things we do to improve our physical fitness. What about our mental health though? Exercise has been shown to help but at Creative Months we believe that practicing creativity is the best thing we can do to look after our minds. Whether it is drawing a picture, reading a book, writing a poem or doodling on our notepad engaging in creativity everyday makes us happier and more present for ourselves, our family and our friends.

We've developed a monthly challenge to help you commit to looking after your mental wellbeing. This challenge is for everyone, women, men and children!

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Start your creative month by doing something creative everyday. Draw a picture, read a book, write a poem, sing a song- do whatever you like as long as it is creative. Write it down in your creativity tracker

You can start your challenge on any day of the month. The creative tracker is left blank giving you the freedom to

choose when you start.

When you've completed your creative month you can open your medal!
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