The MakerBox is perfect to keep kids aged 5-12 entertained during social isolation.

The box is based on the MakerClub we normally run for children and young people in Edinburgh. Inside the box you will find:

-A physical maker activity with instructions and all materials included for up to 3 children.

-A maker prompt list giving your children ideas for what they can make easily at home

-A digital activity giving instructions on how children can use an app on their phone or tablet to engage in creative learning

-You will also find some other bits and pieces to support your children in their creativity and innovation including tape, string etc.


The MakerBox is a fortnightly box, it will be sent on the 1st and 14th of each month:

 -to have your box sent on 1st of the month you must order by the 25th of the previous month.

-to have your box sent on 14th of the month you must order by the 9th of the month.


One off boxes cost £12 incl. p+p

Subscription boxes cost £10 incl. p+p

MakerBox for kids (1 month subscription- 2 boxes)


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